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Rick Young, NA

Rick has worked in the Marine Industry for 18 years as a Naval Architect and Marine Surveyor.  He has comprehensive experience with full design packages, detailed design, design modifications & stability analysis.  Rick has completed a very diverse range of vessel surveys including damage, condition and valuation, tonnage and appraisal.  He has been project manager for converting a regulatory foreign vessel to Canadian Flag.  Rick is also a Transport Canada Appointed Tonnage Measurer.  Rick has extensive personnel and project management experience and in depth knowledge of many classification and Transport Canada rules and regulations.

Craig Button, Naval Architect/Marine Surveyor
Craig is a graduate of the Naval Architecture Program at the Marine Institute and has worked in the Marine Industry since May 2003.  He has extensive experience with AutoCAD, 2D & 3D Drafting and has worked on all types of design drawings.  Craig has in depth knowledge of stability software and has completed dozens of stability booklets for both pleasure and commercial vessels.  He has first hand experience in the Fishing Industry.  Craig is also a Transport Canada Appointed Tonnage Measurer.
Kirk Bennett, Naval Architect/Marine Surveyor
Kirk has extensive experience with a  wide variety of AutoCAD software and has completed many AutoCAD courses, including Ship Constructor, since graduating from Naval Architecture at the Marine Institute in 1997.  He has extensive experience as a Marine Surveyor and has completed numerous Damage, Condition & Valuation and Total Loss surveys.  He has worked on detailed design projects for tugs, barges, Coast Guard and military ships.  He has completed 3D modeling, assembly and nesting drawings for many projects.  He has comprehensive experience with fire control plans, general arrangements and structure drawings.


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